About Art

Art at SPARC meets weekly and there are two classes available. The program explores different artists, media, and techniques. Past projects include exploring cubism, graphic design, printmaking, watercolor techniques, collages, watercolor resists, clay, paper mache, pointillism, and mobiles. We study various artists and create pieces based on their techniques and craft. Projects are adapted for a wide range of abilities. We often create pieces that take more than one art period to complete, thereby learning to extend our efforts over longer periods to create beautiful works of art. Oftentimes, the lesson allows the process to take precedence over the outcome, and we take our time developing our individual expression. Our art classes emphasize self-expression, and encourage each artist to develop their own style. It is also a social event where there is laughter, encouragement, and joy. Over time, we see each student develop confidence in their abilities and branch out into further explorations.


Our volunteers and participants share what they love about art at SPARC.

" I liked the plaques with seeds project. I like the collages. I like the rubbing alcohol tie-dye project. I like going to Jilly Beans. "

" I like the fairy gardens and I liked painting the big paint (mural). Tie Dye was fun. I like art. "

" Art is a really big part of what I like at SPARC, but I also like bike riding. My favorite art project was making the painting of the SPRC building. I liked writing the speeches for the Communications class at Spring Arbor University. I liked playing disc golf and bike riding at Baw Beese. I like all the celebrations we have. "

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