About Game Night

Game night is a monthly social event that meets one Friday each month. It is an event to put on our calendars to get together with friends for pizza and games. SPARC is filled with laughter, music, and fun throughout the evening. It is an opportunity to explore and develop friendships in a supportive environment. Pizza and beverages are provided at each Game Night. It is a relaxed atmosphere, and board games are set up throughout SPARC. Our favorite games include all types of UNO! as well as all types of Monopoly. We play SkipBo, Yam Slam, Twister, Clue, Battleship, and Magic the Gathering. Game Night is appropriate for participants starting at age 13. Parents are encouraged to attend until their child is comfortable and confident with the event.


Our volunteers and participants share what they love about game night at SPARC.

" What I like about SPARC is that I get to see my friends, play games, and talk to my friends. "

" I like playing Pokémon. I lie to pick the pickles and carrots. I like to paint yellow, orange, red and blue. "

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