Hangtime meets weekly at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church at 2551 W. Bacon Rd., Michigan. Our favorite activities include basketball, softball, kickball, and volleyball. Given a range of abilities, we often modify our games to encourage our participants to try new activities. Our goal is to encourage movement, participation, and teamwork. We sincerely believe physical activity benefits all our participants regardless of age or ability. Living an active lifestyle starts early and we provide fun games to encourage getting up off a sofa and leave the electronics at home. The earlier our loved ones with a developmental disability engage in physical activities, the more likely it will become part of their lifestyle.

Hangtime is the program that provides a safe, encouraging environment to explore physical activities. How do we encourage activity? We break down sports into simpler games. We rarely keep score. We modify our equipment, and we adapt the rules to encourage success at a simpler level. Our basketball games encourage passing, catching, waiting for others to take their turn, allowing new players to dribble a ball at their own speed without worrying about a stolen ball, and making sure everyone experiences success. We provide ample time to explore the sport and practice the different steps. Most of us enjoy playing sports with families, friends, or in leagues. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for those with a Developmental Disability to have the experience of enjoying sports and physical activity at their pace.


Our volunteers and participants share what they love about Hangtime at SPARC.

" I like to play pickle ball and basketball and dancing at parties. I always write and draw at SPARC. My favorite art project was a tree that was painted and a collage. "

" I enjoy coming and hanging out with friends and I love working here during the week. I love helping people find things that they need or just talking to them whenever they come in. SPARC makes me smile every time I come in. "

" Yes. (In response to do you like bikes?)
Yes. (In response to do you like music and dancing?) "

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